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Your customers use your napkins for a whole host of reasons - to wipe their hands or face, or mop up a spilled drink, even polish their shoes or wipe away crumbs from their lap. For the most part these napkins end up in the rubbish bin, so they are thought of as a 'throw-away' item.

Personalising your napkins with your logo and/or contact details turns a throw-away item into a valuable marketing tool that can lead to an increase in business.

It's true, a lot of napkins will always end up being thrown in the bin, but many people take their napkin away with them when they leave your restaurant. Sometimes they take it as a memento of a special evening. Sometimes they take it simply because it is a useful item. Some people even collect napkins - especially if they look nice.

You never know where your napkins will end up or who will see them, and they can so easily lead to someone making a booking in your restaurant.

Added to all this, they bring a touch of 'style' to the dining experience, and show your customers that small details are important to you and you want to offer more than just a basic service.

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