Not all pizzas are made equal! - and you want your unique style and flavour to stand out from the crowd.
Competition is fierce, and a personalised pizza box is an immediate and cost-effective way to market your pizza,

and we offer a professional design, print and storage service that is guaranteed to give you a competitive edge.

Even just using one or two colours we can create an eye-catching design that not only lets people know where they can go to get a great pizza, but gives them a taste of what you and your particular brand of pizza are all about.

Get in touch today and discover how to turn a throw-away piece of packaging into a powerful marketing statement.

Let's make it personal!



Step 1

You tell us the size of box you need and the base material you would like to use - white or avana (light brown). You can also choose to have a box with an alluminium lining that keeps the pizza hotter for longer!

Step 4

We send an initial 'digital sketch' to you (usually by email), and we work with you until you are happy with the design. There is no cost for this service.

Step 2

Decide the maximum number of colours you want to use in your design. The upper limit is five. The cost of your box will increase the more colours you use. The cheapest option is a single colour; but the most important thing to bear in mind is the impression you want to give. Sometimes less is more!

Step 5

When you are happy with the design and are ready to move to the production stage there will be a one-off-fee* for creating the printing plates. This will vary depending on the number of colours and 'ink coverage'.


We will send a printing proof for you to check. You can still make changes at this stage and a job will never go to print unless this printing proof is approved by you.

If you are happy to go to print you will need to pay for the actual boxes. Minimum orders apply and vary with the size/style of box ordered.


This is a one-off charge for translating the pizza box design into the correct format for press-printing and generating the printing plates. This only applies to your first order.

Please be advised that if you wish to alter your design after these printing plates have been made there will be a cost involved.

VAT will be charged @20%

Step 3

You send us your logo plus any other details you wish to include on the box. The lid and the four sides can all be printed. Our design studio will look at your logo and offer advice in order to create a design with maximum impact, using as few colours as possible.

Step 6


We store your boxes in our warehouse so there is no need to worry about storage space, and we deliver them to you as and when required. Terms and conditions apply.

We will of course, advise you when stocks are running low so you can order more boxes.

You can order your printed boxes in a variety of ways.

1. By phone - 020 8099 3949

2. By email

3. Online at ( you will need to open an account and request that your box be made available to order on the site).



Owing to the uniqueness of each individual box, and the number of variants/combinations of specification, we provide bespoke quotes after consultation. Quotes are free and there is no obligation to proceed with an order.

For your bespoke quote please contact us using the PIZZA BOX REQUEST FORM and a member of our team will contact you to discuss the full details of your requirements and how we can help you create your unique pizza box.




To get working on your design we need you to supply your logo and any other details you wish to include in the box layout.

The printing method used for pizza boxes is quite crude when compared with printing for magazines or some other types of product packaging, so it is very important to supply logos at the best quality possible.

Very fine details often become lost or can look fuzzy on a pizza box so our design team will advise you if your logo or any imagery you supply needs to be altered in any way to avoid these kinds of issues.


Ideally your logo needs to be supplied in a 'vector' format - as an Adobe Illustrator file (AI), or Encapsulated Postscript file (EPS), with all text converted to outlines, and if possible PANTONE colour references should be supplied.

If you are unsure about this but you are in contact with the person who designed your logo, you can ask them to supply a logo in one of these formats.

We can also work with JPG files and TIF files, but they need to be a certain size. A logo from your website will usually not be good enough as in printing terms it will be much too small to use.


If you are supplying 'vector' files - as mentioned above, you needn't worry about size because these types of files are scalable and do not lose quality when they are enlarged or reduced in size.

If you are supplying a JPG, PNG or TIF file then the size of the file you supply is very important.

As a rule we ask customers to supply an image between 8 and 10 inches wide (height in pro), at 300dpi. This basically means any image you supply needs to be a minimum of 3000 pixels wide.

If you are not sure how big/small your image is you simply need to hover your mouse over the image name/icon in your computer's File Manager and the dimensions in pixels and the size in Mb will pop up.


The ink colours used in pizza box printing are not opaque, so they are affected by the colour of the material they are printed on.

If you are having a white box then the colours will be 'pure' and unaffected.

If you have chosen a light brown box then this will affect the colour of your print; bright colours will appear slightly 'dirty' and dark colours will look darker than you might expect.

It is important to consider this when choosing the base colour of your box.

Black is not affected.